The Esanssi Difference

Welcome to Esanssi, the start of your journey towards clean and powerful wellness, bringing you back to what is essential to your body. Naturally. Esanssi [e‧sans‧si], which means “essence” in Finnish, is the root of who we are. We extract and bottle the essences of plants, to concentrate their benefits and to make it easy to consume.



When it comes to CBD and botanical extracts, we believe quality matters from seed-to-shelf. We partner with US farms that we trust, to source our CBD and botanical extracts.

Our CBD is sourced from a family-owned company who puts thoughts and mindful care into every stage of the plant. All our batches of CBD are lab-tested to ensure it is free of pesticides, heavy metals, synthetic chemicals.

Our botanical oils are organic, GMO and allergen-free. They are extracted without alcohol, as to not denature the properties of the plants. The facility is FDA-approved, cGMP-compliant and kosher certified. The alcohol-free processes ensure that the herbs are strong, concentrated, great tasting and shelf-stable for several years without refrigeration (even after opening) or added preservatives.



Esanssi is a real brand, created from the love of plants and clean wellness. Every botanical oil is formulated in cooperation with a certified herbalist. We’ve personally test, consume and genuinely stand by all our formulas.



Our botanical oils are thoughtfully designed with a certified herbalist to target a specific need. CBD and plants work in unison to enhance each other’s properties. The terpenes naturally present in botanical oils complement and intensify the terpenes present in CBD, to create powerful and great-tasting botanical CBD oils, that can be used by everyone!


Esanssi wants to be a model of quality and transparency in a rapidly growing industry. Simple and versatile, Esanssi will take you on a journey toward clean and powerful wellness. The essence of CBD and plants.